DVI Group presented new KomsoMALL RLC network to the market players

DVI Group presented new KomsoMALL RLC network to the market players
On April 28, on the Rex-2011 (MALL) exhibition DVI Group presented new KomsoMALL RLC network facilities to the market players. A total of four facilities were presented under this brand name: KomsoMALL RLC in Yekaterinburg (67 000 sq.m.), a new project in Volgograd (104 000 sq.m.) and two more new facilities – in Irkutsk (75 000 sq.m.) and Tyumen (97 900 sq.m.)
According to DVI Group experts, there are four key advantages that will drive new KomsoMALL facilities to success: advantageous location, professional concept (which includes thoroughly thought-out architectural and leveling solutions as well as high technical standards), active marketing and promotion, and a strong bundle of tenants.
According to Alexey Harlamov, DVI Real Estate Business Director, launching more new facilities will contribute to active development of the whole federal network. “New RLC in Volgograd will open its doors in October 2011, one more KomsoMALL will be launched in August 2012 in Irkutsk, and one more new facility still – in 2013 in Tyumen – says Alexey Harlamov – Our KomsoMALLs will be constantly growing in numbers”.

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