The biggest Sportmaxi shop in Ural opened in KomsoMALL

A ceremonial opening of the first SACHET hypermarket took place in KomsoMALL RLC on April 2, 2011. SACHET is a popular network of household goods shops. The outlet in KomsoMALL is the first SACHET shop in the city. It occupies 2200 sq.m. of space. The shop offers 20 000 product items: kitchen utensils, textile, accessories, season articles, goods for children, lamps, presents, household and hobby goods. Women are the network’s target audience. The network focuses on the middle price segment. SACHET hypermarket attracts the customers not only with a vivid concept and emotionally comfortable atmosphere, but also with a wide range of prices that will come as a pleasant surprise to anybody. A unique Hobby section will be the outlet’s main specialty. It has one of the best and most unusual variety of goods in the city. In this section, the customers will be able to find all kinds of things needed for painting, drawing, fresco, embroidery, bead weaving, floristry and dwellings decoration as well as special sets for children’s creativity and specialized literature. A number of master-classes will be organized in SACHET, where all those wishing to will be able to learn new decoration techniques and then easily put their most creative ideas into life at home! This new network is a part of Tyumen “Partner” holding, along with Yuzhny building and finishing material hypermarkets network, Mosmart food hypermarkets network and Pchyolka supermarkets.

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