KomsoMALL RLC in Volgograd is being prepared for launch

KomsoMALL RLC in Volgograd is being prepared for launch. Currently entrance ensemble is in the final stage of decoration. KomsoMALL RLC main entrance will be finished with modern composite materials in a vivid and vibrant style. Dress work is in progress inside the building. On the second story 50% of main zones floor is already laid out, while the stairs, fire corridors and the first story floor are being actively decorated with tiles. Atrium zones railing installation has started, as well as column decoration.
Redevelopment of adjoining territory is also in progress. Promenade and recreational areas in front of the RLC are accomplished using the same architectural and landscape style. Landscape will be completed with flower gardens, shrubs and benches. Approach roads will be asphalted, while the footpaths and recreational zones will be paved with three-color block stones. The footpaths are already paved on the main entrance side. Approach roads are asphalted on new Seven Winds residential area side.
It is the first time an over 100000 square meter RLC is built in Volgograd, which is a million-plus city says Konstantin Baranov, DVI Groups vice-president in charge of commercial real estate management It is also a city with glorious history, and we are happy to present its people this new vibrant and modern RLC that offers a widest range of goods and services. Aside from a unique bundle of tenants, KomsoMALL has a spacious food court and a vast recreational zone with a modern multiplex cinema, bowling club and an entertainment center for kids. All this makes KomsoMALL a most attractive place for recreation where residents and guests of Volgograd can shop, get together with friends and spend their free time.

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